A Peak

With the arrival of warm temperatures, that means the departure of the Winter Term (officially in 7 days). And in another 2 weeks, Spring Term will commence, leaving more opportunities for learning at my door. Right, so actually I’m not looking forward to doing ECON 401 again, but this time it will squeal in pain on the ground as I furiously twist my shoe left and right.

  1. ECON 401: Intermediate Micro Theory
  2. RCHUMS 483: Environmental Theater Production Workshop in the Arboretum

Two classes may seem a bullet short in an empty gun, but I will be packed tight like vacuumed cheese. There are no official fencing practices, but I still hope to do some personal training, while I continue to scrape for scraps at the Daily. Who knows, there might even be some charcoal left in me for something new.



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4 responses to “A Peak

  1. fengyi

    your writing is jampacked with metaphors! (like vacuumed cheese,for that matter).

  2. It’s a course on taking partial differentials.

    I took it back in my first year. I totally bombed the second midterm, gave up on the class after that, and then miraculously bagged an unexpected final grade.

    Till today I suspect a clerical error…

  3. Ted K

    Just trying to make an effort to maintain some standard of writing…but then again vacuumed cheese is just like anything else that is vacuumed. Cheese just sounds funny, hehe.

    Econ 401 – stupid course. . . I did badly for both midterms so decided to drop. Not gonna do that anymore, no matter what score I get. Wow that’s a very nice miracle you got there haha.

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