Just Another Paradise

Wow it’s been almost a week since I put something up. I’m gonna blame it on lethargy (as usual). Spring term bloomed a few days ago and I think I’ve been poisoned by its ivy – I have no mood to study!

Ann Arbor isn’t as ‘vibrant’ with half of its student population gone home; in a way I do appreciate the quietening of streets and school buildings, but it also allows boredom to creep in. Don’t get me wrong – the classes suck time like women do, but during the rest of my day I’m more motivated to slack around rather than hit the books.

If the court must find someone, or something to charge, then the anvil must fall on this apartment I’m staying in for the Spring. After a much needed ‘spring-cleaning,’ the apartment feels very much like back home. There’s a swanky kitchen to experiment with our stomachs and I get to watch TV after 8 months.

Maybe I’ll get some pictures up soon. . .



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3 responses to “Just Another Paradise

  1. fengyi

    “…the classes suck time like women do…”
    I’d beg to differ with you on this count, Ted.

  2. Ted K

    haha ok. It was a joke anyway 🙂

  3. incognito bane


    seriously more jokes like dat and people will think you are a misogynist..

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