Wilmot Street

Living Room
Home for the next 50+ days

When we first took over Allan’s apartment at Wilmot Street, it wasn’t much different from a junkyard. After snuffing out the bacteria and throwing out the thrash, the final product is a house that is conducive for slacking haha. Before then it would have easily repelled us away to the library.

The kitchen is constricted but I suppose sufficient and proportional to our meager cooking skills. At least I get toasted bread and cooked rice now, and a freezer to store ice-cream! Sigh such luxuries were sorely missed back in the dorm. Food quantities can be a problem though, which is why I long for dining halls again.

Bedroom at Wilmot

The two bedrooms are upstairs; one of them is pretty big, bigger than a double-room at the dorms. That’s my half of it, and the other half is taken by Aaron. The bathroom is just next to both rooms: yet another convenience upgrade from the dorms. I can’t be bothered unpacking everything because soon it’ll all go back into the boxes again.

I wonder how the apartments at Island Drive are like – that’s where most of the other Singaporeans are staying for Spring. I heard it’s as inaccessible as a paradise island like Hawaii would be, which probably explains why more and more people are getting cars.



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2 responses to “Wilmot Street

  1. Lys

    Cool! Your place looks nice. Well, at least, livable. πŸ˜€

  2. Ted K

    hah yep it’s quite cool…and of course liveable. At least now I can invite people over to hang out πŸ™‚

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