High Five, Low Five, Random Five?

Sometimes I wonder if my promises are as thin as that flimsy pizza crust I ate for dinner. It’s probably been months since I told Fengyi I would do a post on 5 random facts about myself. O, will I always be chasing past ghosts in search for salvation? Wil mine own treasures transcend into thrash? O.k too much attmpted Shakespeare. . .

  1. Maybe I have a grudge against book-benders, but I have a semi-obsessive fetish for hardcover books. There’s nothing more satisfying than holding a literary teasure that actually has a proper chest to protect it. Of course, I forsee a problem when the time comes to move house…
  2. I have a fierce/serious/determined/badass/etc look but I’m not always like that. In fact, those situations are so rare even I can’t find them.
  3. Basically I’m an eat-all-I-want kind of person – because I can’t seem to get fat. Ice-creams and chocolates can make my day from milk and cocoa alone. I can figure why some girls would be envious…
  4. I tend to sleep late and rise early, yet I also enjoy beauty sleep. Ah another one of life’s mysteries.
  5. Jesus is my savior. Grace, grace! (Jerald’s trademark…)


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9 responses to “High Five, Low Five, Random Five?

  1. oi! are you referring to me in #3?! i had a really good workout today mind you. i rowed faster than this healthy-looking angmoh man beside me. gah!

  2. Lys

    1. :/ Yeah, and imagine carrying that load everytime you want something to read in the train/bus. My lappie’s heavy enough.. Plus, paperback = less space taken = more books

    3. >-( Gah that’s not fair. I hate people like you….. But no I don’t hate you. I think. LOL!

  3. Hmm… flimsy pizza crust… from Silvio’s? 😉

    1. I actually prefer softcover. Cheaper and easier to carry around. I take good care of my stuff anyway. And moving is still a problem. Currently I’ve packed 6 boxes of books, two large ones contain my textbooks and files. More to go…

    3. I hate you.

  4. Ted K

    What? Just because of no. 3, every girl wants to hate me. Well I don’t entirely like it either…cos it means I can’t grow to be bigger.

    l’oiseau – Actually I was thinking more of Za’s. I don’t know where is Silvio’s… Anyway I need a better nickname for you. I’m not even half the literary aficionado that you are, so I can’t pronounce your ‘name’.

  5. It’s a reference from Bizet’s opera Carmen. The opera was based on Merimee’s novella of the same title which I read in freshman year for French lit.

    You know, you might want to consider studying a language. It’s fun.

  6. In any case, French is unpronouncable.

  7. Ted K

    Yep I am taking a language as part of the RC requirement, probably starting in Winter 07. Okay I think I’ll just call you ‘L.R’ 🙂

  8. Ted K

    Spanish interests me, but I’d like to hear your opinions on the different languages, since you’re a linguist.

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