The Veranda

Veranda Restaurant
Please ignore the non-working lights. . .

So, it’s been a week. It’s not that I haven’t been busy, it just appears that everything is so dreary, or maybe I’m just looking forward to coming home.

Last Friday, my classmate Marilia invited everyone to eat at her family’s restaurant at Macomb Township (about an hour plus drive away). It’s not classy or hot-snobbing and we certainly had fun hanging out, with the road trip especially adventurous.

The Veranda serves Italian, Greek and American food, and Marilia’s Dad is actually the head chef. He put on his cooking mittens and personally produced some traditional Greek food (which unfortunately I can’t recall the name). All this and desert on the house.

Right in the get-go when class first started, I felt too much like an outsider, being the only Asian (as usual), but since we’ve spent so much time together, I’ve felt the bonds grow. Of course there will always be this benign veneer that differentiates us because of culture, but at least there is so much more belief that one day this will be no more.


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