It Can Wait Another 38 Years

England And Sweden in World Cup
Do the Scandinavian Jig!

And I thought the Irish were the plucky ones. We all know England drew 2-2 with Sweden in the last group game, but did you live through the bellows of triumph, swept upwards by the banners of maize and blue?

Although I support England (by mere virtue of following the EPL), I wasn’t doing mighty cross jumps or lion roars when Steven Gerrard scored in the 86th minute. After all, they were already through to the next round no matter this result, but it did seem that a particularly convulated record was about to be shattered like a great ballroom crystal.

They go back a long way, apparently, and even in my more juvenile years I do recall that Sweden always thwarted the red and white from victory, somewhat like how the bad guy always escapes at the end of a cartoon episode. 38 years — a generation worth — of misgivings, mis-laughs and bland minestrone soup was about to go into that English trash bin.

The Scandinavian winds simply blew me and perhaps millions around the world down. Yes the last minute equalizer was sloppy, maybe even forcing a wry grin or two, but ah, that’s the beauty of seeing a ball bulging at the back of the net. Both teams are through, and it’ll be a drool-fest as we await the next round match-up between Sweden and host Germany.

Soccer, the world’s greatest and most spectacular game.


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