Sola, Sola!

Arb Clowns

It was quite a shock when I looked into the mirror. I touched my chin and the area between my nose and mouth, asking myself ‘is that me?’

After almost two months of scratching and stroking my sandpaper-esque facial hair, it was almost freaky to come into contact with smooth skin when I put my hand to my face.

Tonight was the Love’s Labours Lost’s last performance for Spring, and what an emotional turnaround this whole experience has been. From a point when I was pondering to the heavens over my decision to take on this high-committment project, to now when I am reduced to tears saying goodbye to everyone for the Summer. And some maybe for good.

Great guys like Graham is going to New York to work, Eaton may be leaving, and Gressman might be returning to Miami. Well, with global communication as it is in the world, it’s not going to be difficult to keep in touch, as long as one takes the initiative.

I’ve had the unprecedented pleasure of dancing, acting and singing all in one season. God bless everyone in the cast! It’s been a wondrous spring! My flight back to Singapore is in a few hours, so as I sadly leave some dear friends for a while, I’ll get the chance to meet up with others whom I’ve not seen for close to a year.

Sola! Sola!


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