Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
Yehong, me and Alwyn.

Oftentimes we use the cliche ‘first time in years’ to illustrate something that we haven’t done in a long time. But for me and the Singapore Zoo, it’s really been donkey years since I last said hello to the animals.

I have to say I’m quite impressed with the cleaniness and its open environment concept — maybe the Zoo is one thing Singapore can be proud of. We should have started in the early morning, rather than after lunch, because the immensity of the premises caused us to miss many shows. Even the animals were punctual at knocking off from work!

Night Safari was supposed to be up next, but we unanimously agreed to do it next week instead. So it was dessert/supper next at Citilink’s TCC, where we had our individual ordering of Latte, Frappe and Tea. What a combination.

Ha ha and after that it was sharing of life stories. Since the both of them are too shy, I let shine my American influenced liberties on them and told them just about every major event in my life. Digging up bloody bones isn’t exactly a happy experience, and the advice I got hurt a little as well, but I’m alright now.

I pray for someone to be sent along sometime soon.


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