Freshmen Welcome Program 2006

Freshmen Welcome Program 2006
left to right: me, Jian Wei, Sel, Christine, Val, Martin

Oh, how I remember a year ago, when it was my time to go to Michigan. All those feelings of jiggling excitement and worried expectations. There I was, giving up a cut of my life in Singapore for something so unknown.

This past Saturday was the Formal Reception for Michigan’s new incoming Freshmen. Not to give ourselves credit, but this year was a much more classy affair. Held at the URA Center, the function room looked so much more professional than last year’s ghetto venue.

Apart from the traditional survival checklist and presentation, we also had a welcoming video and Q&A session. Like its title, the whole thing was a serious drive straight to its destination.

I’m sure it was a more meaningful event for the Freshmen than it was for me. After all Michigan is no longer that enigma that it used to be for me. Not that it hasn’t been a wonderful experience. In fact my first year is probably the best that I could have made it out to be.


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