The Once A Year Event

JC Guys
left to right: Kenson, me, Song Qin, Xiang Long, Tze Jin, Chrong Meng

Sometimes I wonder if these class gatherings are a necessity of life. It’s as though we accumulate a whole year’s life stories and experiences into a time bomb before releasing that detonator. Truthfully, it has been more like a year and a half since I saw most of my JC classmates.

Sunday’s outing to Swensons was probably one of the most successful in terms of attendance — 18 out of 22 I think. Even all 6 guys were present. Some say I’ve changed quite a bit since mixing with the yanks, such as the forming of a new accent and being more outspoken. I don’t really agree, but oh well.

The sad truth is that I didn’t make use of my days in JC to let anyone know me intimately (well other than my ex) so our associations in these reunions have become somewhat artificial for me, as though I’m forced to maintain my social network. But, this is just towards the girls.

The female dominance.

At least, guys will be guys. For the fairer sex, building relationships get more complicated. Add in the important item that all of them happen to be true-blue Singaporeans (while I’m only half so) and you get this conflict of loyalties and idealogies. Honestly, if I could, I would rather be close friends with all of them than have this invisible barrier that always separates us.
Of course, things might change. That’s life.


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