Still Good

Su Yin, buddy Chris, and me.

Last night I finally got to meet up with one of the best pals to come out of my National Service — Chris. I’m still not used to calling him that, back in the days of green army fatigues, everyone used to call him by his last name. It was only much later when I found out about his English name.

Him and I, we get along as well as brothers. Of course, I had a mentality more like his when we worked together then. Now, he still jokes about how I should invite girls back to my room and all that scandalous nonsense, while I try to drill into him how I gained faith and how it has changed me.

One year on, things have changed as much for him as it has for me; a nice office job and a girlfriend. My heart really beats out for him, and his happiness now has also brought a smile here and there for me.

We had a pint of beer (though I didn’t finish mine) at Boat Quay, followed by dinner at Maxwell market. Certainly not a common dining out experience! Who knows when was the last time I dined at Maxwell, and pubbing lights of Boat Quay were always a no-go for me when I was younger.

Thank God that was only round one. . . more to come I’m sure!


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