The Blue Back Home

from left: me, Jian Wei, Amy, Alvin, Fengyi, Wilson.

Although there’s this stigma that friends in Michigan only stay friends in Michigan, we at least did something to prove the critics wrong. It took about a month though, to get a day when everyone can make it. So it’s been a pretty long time coming.

There’s this new chill-out restaurant in Citilink called New York, New York, outlandishly designed to recapture the atmosphere of the real Big Apple. The food is ostentatiously American, and the walls are plastered with huge panoramas of NY’s famous architecture.

But having been there myself, Singapore is not New York, and probably won’t be in no less than a hundred years later. Anyway, after that, we went to Cedele for a wide variety of cheesecakes that was pretty ordinary, but the company is always what matters!

Hopefully will get to meet all again before seeing each other in the U.S. Maybe this time to Maxwell!



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4 responses to “The Blue Back Home

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  2. someone

    singapore is SINGAPORE.. why do you want singapore to be NY..

  3. Ted K

    All I’m saying it’s that it’s not NY, not matter how hard you try. The opposite is the same if you wanna start a kopitiam in NY

  4. someone

    well..the place is called new york new york for a a theme..right?
    so’s good that you are enjoying your stay back ‘home’..

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