Wedding Bells

When will it be this Teddy Bear’s turn?

Most people mistake me for someone who is younger than his looks. Maybe it’s in the small eyes, or in the shrunken physique that I have. But something contradictory happened a few days back. Someone actually mistook me for being in my late 20’s.

I was at Suntec City, walking past a promotional booth set up by a bridal studio. This elderly chap, clad in suit and all, briskly came up to me and stuffed his pamphlet into my hand. You could see ‘hope’ in his eyes, though what kind of hope I don’t know.

He thought I was about to get married. I’m as equally shocked as you are. Do I look like I have a car and a cushy job? Uncle, I don’t even have any one who wants me. When he found out I was still studying, his face drooped as though his lottery ticket missed the final number. I kinda pity him. . .

Still, this had never happened before! Me and Yehong had quite a few laughs, especially since he completely overlooked her. Maybe I’m a bit flattered that he thinks I look like marri-able material, but the irony of it is also quite sad.


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