Final Call

Soul in a box. . .

I cross my heart, and hope to die. On the eve of departure, somehow I just couldn’t care less what happens, whether I die tomorrow or live today.

Tried to speed through all sorts of necessities today. Cut my hair but didn’t have time for gym. Went to NUS to pass something to Yehong but didn’t anticipate she was busy. Who would have thought the worst-case scenario would fall on the last and most important day. Why did God plan for this? Was that to be my last memory? I know I’m just being selfish and have no right no complain, yet I can’t help feeling hurt.

When I could wait no longer, nor keep my emotions in check, I left and flagged a cab to rush downtown to meet Karen.

At least catching up with Karen was the sole highlight; always a pleasure to talk about life and love with her. Perhaps she deserves to be the last friend that I see before I go.

Just so many negative emotions brewing within — makes me just not want to come back anymore. Maybe God’s latest sign is to direct me to leave. Once again.



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2 responses to “Final Call

  1. Ted K

    hey it’s ok..I’m really glad you came on Tuesday, and got to see you one final time. Thank you. Thank God. 🙂

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