It Can Only Go Up Now

Sending offs are such bittersweet events. So many people turned up, even Yehong and my grandparents. Leaving this small island was much tougher this year than the last.

Then, as though all the evil forces of the world combined their powers, things started going wrong. I developed a mild but increasingly debilitating sore throat on the SQ flight, then upon arrival at New York, discovered that my domestic flight had been cancelled due to bad weather.

After getting offloaded to Four Point Sheraton hotel, I figured I could use the extra time in the hotel room to surf and talk on the net, but my notebook failed to start up for some reason. Furthermore, being severely jetlagged, my sleep of the night consisted of a few 20-minute naps that could never last longer.

Thank God things got better today, as there were no more delays on the flight, and I managed to get the notebook to work again (that’s how I’m typing this). The one remaining crap-factor is my burning throat; it just seems to get worse and worse.

Losing my voice too. . .



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2 responses to “It Can Only Go Up Now

  1. Auguz

    Hello…glad you’re safely there
    I guess you’re happy on your final day in Singapore…Lucky I didn’t appear to steal the limelight….LOL…
    Have a good year or hopefully if you get sponsors…half a year ahead…=]

    take care manz

  2. Ted K

    Ha of course my best friend would steal the limelight…but against her…hmm…a very long hmmm.

    Thanks, I do really need to take care, since I’m already sick on my first day here. What a terrible start to the year. You better take care of your own girl! 🙂

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