Books And More Books

You know I love books, but right now my bookshelves are overflowing! I hardly have space for anything else. Didn’t realize I had left behind so much. . . but most of it were actually reference and reading texts for my classes last year.

Since we’re on textbooks, I found out my Economics textbooks cost US$100 each! If I had know they were so expensive, I would have gotten them in Singapore. Thankfully, one of them can be found on Ebay for a very cheap price; for the other I’m still considering my options.

There’s one thing worse than buying one expensive book, and that is buying a dozen inexpensive ones. My English class has 19 books on the required reading list — that’s sure to add up to US$200. Damn. . .



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4 responses to “Books And More Books

  1. Overflowing bookshelves? I just bought a new bookshelf to accomodate my rapid accumulation of books.

    Eh… textbooks are almost always cheaper in Singapore! By a wide margin. Especially for Fall term, I always checked with the professors which books are being used and try to get them from Singapore. If there are sufficient books, it’s usually cheaper even if sent by air mail. Better still, if you have friends from China or India…

    As for your English class, sometimes you can get used copies really cheap on Or you could decide which books are less important (I doubt all 19 books are equally important for the class) and use the library copy for less important books. Or just photocopy the relevant chapters for the class, esp if not the whole book is used.

  2. Which class, by the way, uses 19 books?

  3. Ted K

    Ha you’re right about not all books being required for the class…the last class that used so many books probably used about 8 of the 10 books. Not sure how this one will turn out…

    Anyway I’ll be posting up soon on what classes I’m taking…haha so be patient 🙂

  4. You can assume that the last few books on the syllabus won’t be used. And if they will be, you can always order from Amazon then. Not like Shaman Drum is particularly cheap.

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