Festifall 2006

I am so busy, but I like it. Today there was Festifall, the annual event that showcases the hundred of student organizations and clubs in UMich. I was there early to set up the Singapore Students Association booth. Bumped into many American friends today, like Will, Marianna, Mark and Alex.

Standing at the booth, I had the chance to meet around 10 of the new Singaporean freshmen, and I even got to shake hands with University President Coleman as she explored the grounds herself. Too bad, photo-op came and went just like that!

Afternoon consisted of 2 back-to-back classes which went rather smoothly. I have lots of reading to do this weekend — I think at least 200 pages. Then after class I met even more freshmen at Dollar Bill. One of them claimed I look (or behave) like 80% ABC (American-born Chinese), which I completely refuted haha.

Finally dinner with Jeff, then it was off to life group (cell group) at Pot Belly’s where we talked about community and how important it is for everyone. I truly feel welcomed in this group and hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it, even though it clashes with my fencing schedule.

What a exhausting day, but I enjoy being occupied with activities that I enjoy and have a passion for. And make new friends. Ah, the life in Michigan!


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