Sweat & Blood

This year is going to be a test for me — discipline and passion will be the tools required to pass it. Fencing restarted this week, with a boat-load of newbies trying it out.

This year is when some seniors from the school team graduate. Dan and Rizzo won’t be around in winter, so that might mean two open places. But looking at the slew of tall American wannabes and Sophomores (2nd year students, like me) who want to slide to the front of the queue, competition will be tough.

Though I can’t say anything about talent, I want to be the most hardworking of them all. If I make anything, it’s only by God’s grace.

Anyway, it was great to see some of the new Singaporean freshmen trying it out. I really did not expect to see one familiar face, but there was Kai Jian, Liyu, Daniel, Wen Jie and DJ. Let’s hope they do come back.

So that I can mop the floor with them. Ha.


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