Mad Woman

Something freakishly heart-stopping just happened. It’s late at night and I’m in my room doing readings for tomorrow.

I start to hear loud talking right outside, which isn’t an uncommon thing because my room is probably the ‘crossroads’ of all heavy human traffic in East Quad.

It was a woman’s voice, and though her words were unintelligible, it almost sounded lyrical and certainly a monologue. Curious, I decided to peep through the door-hole.

In all that distorted and magnified horror, I saw her face right in front of the hole, her eyes looking straight at me. I almost fell backwards to the floor at the hideous sight. And all this time she was still carrying out her little one-minute-of-fame.

Well she had a cellphone to her ear, so perhaps I’m too worried for my safety. Has the stalker become the stalked?

EDIT: After thinking about it, she might have been reading my fiction-inspired description of myself (every door has a novel synposis pasted with names altered to the owners of the room – Mine is “Cowboy Justice, haha!)



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2 responses to “Mad Woman

  1. Maybe she’s………………the pontianak. Caucasian style.

    Jeng jeng jeng!

  2. Ted K

    Haha she’d have to do a much better job. I’m not that easily spooked 🙂

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