UMich 27 – Wisconsin 13

The sea of maize by students.

Maize Out!” was what the ticket said. Luckily I had one yellow t-shirt left, even though it wasn’t the official football t-shirt of 2006. Today’s home game was against Wisconsin, and we needed to win this to avenge last year’s defeat. The weather was forecasted to have thunderstorms and I probably looked up into the sky one too many times.

Thank God the rain wasn’t unleashed on us. But we started off sluggishly, letting them score first to 7-0. We came back strong in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, then both teams completely fizzled in the last quarter. Well what matters is the win, so we’re now 4-0 in games played (wins to losses), and hopefully we’ll move up the rankings (currently 6th in nation).

A little weird to see the stadium filled with maize instead of blue, and the pockets of red (Wisconsin fans) was distracting too. An enjoyable game overall, definitely much better than CMU two week ago. Thanks to MC for the ticket!


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