UMich 31 – MSU 13

This was supposed to be the biggest home game of this season. Michigan-MSU games are big rivalry matches β€” think Man U and Man City, or Red Sox and White Sox and you get the picture. Yet despite the exceptionally loud crowds, floating penis balloon and pre-match hype, the game was ultimately one filled with yawns.

Coming into this game from a (5-0) record in the season, Michigan was either too good, or MSU sucked harder than ever. MSU is in shambles this season; the last game they gave away a comfortable lead to lose to lowly minnows Illinois.

Our defence was rock solid, helping us to a 24-0 lead before they scored, but I have a feeling it was a sympathetic gesture on the defence’s part. As the sun started to set, the more I wished the game would end faster. Apart from the increasing cold, the game was truly a half-hearted one where no one expected any big surprises. Although the fact is we were expected to win and they to go home shameful, it was too much of a walkover.

Who cares, as long as we’re still winning, right?


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