“As Sticky As It Gets”

I feel proud of this new story that I just penned, in less than 4 hours.

It just has this connection with me personally because I based it on a person whom I do care about a lot.

Now I just gotta hand it in, and hope the professor thinks the same way as I do. Haha.



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3 responses to ““As Sticky As It Gets”

  1. Ted K

    hong – Haha I don’t put my short stories online, it’d be too long anyway. But it’s about someone that almost no one knows about…you included. 🙂

  2. anthony

    oh so interesting. How about mailing us??? How about my short story??? 😀 Christmas is just round the corner!!! hehehehe

  3. Ted K

    ha your Christmas story..is that the one that is a play? I keep forgetting abt that.

    And to everyone who is reading, don’t expect any new posts up for a while – my life is in a mess. Take care all.

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