As Good As Gold

from left: 2nd, 1st, joint 3rd’s. I’m so short.

Two weeks, two tournaments. This time I went all the way to claim the Gold! My first Gold! It’s like an early birthday present!

This latest tournament was hosted by Renaissance Fencing Club and it’s open to Unclassified fencers only (the highest possible rank is A, down to E, and then Unclassified). This time, the Mixed Sabre event had 17 (compared to the 7 last week) fencers, and I came out tops!

It was great coming out of the pool undefeated and seeded first. The semi-final and final were close battles, and sometimes when Coach yelled at me for making stupid mistakes, I got really nervous that I’d throw the bout away. But somehow I preservered to the end.

So, all that intense training in the past year paid off after all. All the trudging in the snow to practice, training over Summer β€” it came out to something. One bonus I didn’t expect from winning the tournament was being promoted to rank D! I never thought I would gain a rank of D until, like, at least after a few years of fencing.

Such a wonderful day, the Gold only because of God’s grace.

And all for Your glory. And the people I love.



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6 responses to “As Good As Gold

  1. caleb

    Congrats bro! Praise the lord for your success! Claim more gold medals k! Take care!

  2. congrats!

    ps. do you fencers wear your underwears inside out?!

  3. Ted K

    diyana – ha yeah we’re all Supermen, after all πŸ™‚

  4. anthony

    Yeah praise the Lord for your gold. Remember how you mentioned that it was not a gold medal anyway when you wore the bronze one on your first tournament.

    Guess God hear what you said and wanted to let you know that He’s on your side always.

    Thanks God!!! πŸ˜€

  5. fengyi

    Congrats again! πŸ™‚

  6. Ted K

    thanks guys! My next goal is to make it to the school team!

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