22 On The 22nd

The number 22 is significant to me, even more than the beer-dripping 21 that grabs our throat and pulls us into adulthood. So on the night of Nov 21st, I treated a bunch of my closer friends to a standard American dinner at Good Time Charley’s. The turnout was 3 times that of last year! My deepest gratitude to Fengyi, Jian Wei, Juliana, the Two Wilsons, Alvin, Jeff, Aaron, Amy, Efrem, James, Lennard, Kaiming and Chaybeng.

Two connotations of ‘fence’ on the cake.

At the end of dinner, Efrem revealed his dirty little cooking secret. Apparently he (mainly) had baked a whole chocolatey birthday cake for me. Everyone who knows him knows he’s a good cook. It’s a wonder why girls aren’t offering to clean his greasy dish trays. Anyhow, it was a very heartening gesture, and I’m glad we all got to partake in it.

Now, the fun part! Those giftwraps just got ripped up so badly once the door shut behind me. It doesn’t look like much, but what I got was really sweet (I’m not saying what they are) and they were things that I really wanted. As a result I have an oversupply of goods to exploit and savor for a decently long time.

And for all those who confessed loyalty to me (for wishing me ‘happy birthday’), thank you to you too! Situations have begun revolving ā€” inch by inch ā€” for the better, and there’ll be more good stuff coming soon!


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