Finding The Right One

This started in Caleb’s blog, when he did a plug for available girls out there — a checklist of what would make the perfect girl (for him). So since the ideas of relationships and marriage have been circling in my head, I thought I’d just play ‘God’ and model my own perfect girl.

The thing is, perfection doesn’t really exist in this world. The woman I marry (if it happens) will have incorrigible traits that I will probably abhor tremendously. But she would possess beauty and personality that probably isn’t present in any other woman that I’d have ever met. Marriage isn’t easy — it’s a partnership. I would only marry someone I could work with, live with, and share my life with. Having common beliefs and goals would just be skimming the surface.

I do have ‘moments of weaknesses’ when I encounter certain attributes in women. Honestly, there are no stipulations such as ‘she has to be able to do this, or that,’ but I tend to fall for women who are exceptionally gifted in areas that I am not. I’m not saying I love someone only for what they do and not who they are, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a factor in some way.

With common beliefs and goals, it usually takes care of the problem of not having similar interests. For example, she doesn’t have to be a Star Wars fan and an arty person, but an interest in one of them would help enormously. And seriously, those are hardly the only two things I have passion for in this world.

Looks? Well, for me the angelic girl with a heart-shaped face and a honey-sweet smile is always a walk-through past round one. But I’ve been attracted to all kinds of girls (not the other way around, sadly) so looks stays right at the back, most of the time.

Why this post? I think I’ve been watching movies lately that just plant thoughts in your head, nudging your heart, asking the question of where your life will be in twenty years. There’s no answer now, but whatever the end may be, I pray that it’ll be a good one.



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2 responses to “Finding The Right One

  1. Ted K

    Oops sorry Caleb, I accidentally deleted all our comments! Oh well..wasn’t anything important right. Hehe

  2. caleb

    nah…its our private conversation..haha..

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