Resting Point

The term is coming to an end; classes end Dec 13th. This end would mark (more or less) the mid-way point of College life, and that thought just horrifies me. Although I’ve tried to do as much as I can with the time that I’ve had, it always feels like it isn’t enough.

How does one make sure that these same feelings of incompleteness do not return at the end of the second half? Perhaps the best way is to continually explore, never to put down your luggage for too long a time. Be on the move and experience as much as possible.

Overall, this Fall term has been mixed. Experiences were definitely gained but it wasn’t so sunshine-y as it was in the freshmen year. Much worry comes from whether I’ll be staying for more than 3 years here. It’s more of a financial issue so it’s out of my control. Then there’s the mad rush for jobs — everybody’s already shining their horns in their second year of school. Next year it’ll be sharpening them. Competition is good, but it can also be a thirsty sucker of life.


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