A New Life

New Life Church‘s new building is nearing completion! The building project has gone through 6 years of turmoil but soon it’ll be ready for the big move. No longer will there be a need during service for latecomers to stand at the back of lecture theaters.

The new place is actually closer to where I live so that means shorter walks in the cold. From what I know, it seats close to 700 people ā€” a vast improvement over the current 400. I somehow feel wasteful to not have auditioned for the worship team next year (once again!), but perhaps it’s the right thing to do since I’m not spiritually ready. Someone who goes up there should be a spiritual role-model for all to look up to, and I personally feel I haven’t attained that level.

I was initially geared towards it because graduation might come too soon, but that shouldn’t be the reason for auditioning. Down the road, if I’m ready and still serving in New Life, I’ll give it a shot.



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2 responses to “A New Life

  1. Lys

    You know, maybe being part of the Worship Team will help you in your own spiritual growth. Not everyone who goes up there has to be a spiritual giant. Just serving the Lord, or learning how to serve Him, may encourage and help you in your journey.

  2. Ted K

    ha yup I did think about that before…and I DO believe what you said! Sadly, auditions are over and my next chance would one year later… šŸ˜¦

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