Viva Las Vegas

Time to tear down The Strip!

I have discovered the dormant tumor in this cancerous term — I did not travel! I hung around during Fall Break because I (stupidly) wanted to do homework and, alright, study for a midterm which I probably would have flunked if not for the extra couple days off from school.

Then for Thanksgiving Break, I didn’t particularly travel too, but I did have the honor of joining Cory and his family for a great, festive time up in Grand Rapids by a small lake. I didn’t get to go someplace exotic, but that’s still one of the major highlights of this semester.

Regardless, the fact remains that I didn’t leave Michigan for close to 4 months. That can just cripple someone, and I believe I’m a victim. Which is why Winter Break will be among the gamblers and shakers — that’s right, Vegas, baby! (is that how you say it?)

I’ll get to spend about 10 days there, and my native Vegas friend will bring me around. This could be the soul-thirst-quencher that I need to get pumped up for the semester ahead. There have been high points in this one, but just not enough; not to the standard that I want it to be, and definitely not close to where it could be.


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One response to “Viva Las Vegas

  1. Mark Yang

    Woohoo.. Sin city!

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