The Sin City

Vegas is so amazing! I touched down at around 5:30pm and met up with Meng‘s Dad, where he brought me to their house. On the way there, I noticed a wide-open view of low-rise buildings (ala Michigan), but everything was certainly lit up and was somewhat more. . . glitzy. I wonder if everyone in Vegas lives in luxury; maybe all the money that the casinos earn are scandalously distributed among the citizens.

Because just look at this personal bathroom. And the bedroom I’m staying in is just about the combined size of all my rooms back in Singapore. And I haven’t even explored the rest of the house yet. And if a big bathroom isn’t feet-kissing enough, there’s the huge reflecting screen standing dumbfounded in front of the bed:

A 50″ high-definition plasma TV! Meng‘s dad bought it for him, maybe as some sort of graduation gift. Meng arrived a few hours after I did and we watched brainless shows on it last night, while playing old Magic: the Gathering with some of his decks. Tomorrow it’s off to Hoover Dam!


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