I’m just so pissed off with the Daily.

I love writing for them but I hate it when the poor management can’t even plan out their pages in advance. Just a few hours ago, they told me there’s no more space to run my article tomorrow, even though a few days ago they told me to write it.

I put in so much time and effort to make it good and they just cut me off in the last possible moment. Welcome to the working world? Perhaps. If I do get into a career of journalism, I know there’ll be plenty more of disappointments and office politics. This could just be a free-tasting of what’s to come.

Still, it’s the second time in two weeks that the Daily has done this to me. I’m fuming, upset, and am really thinking if it is worth it to keep sacrificing time for the paper. What am I to do?



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3 responses to “Unpublished

  1. Well, that’s the working world. Glad that you’re getting a taste of it now so that you will know what to expect when you go out into the real journalism world especially.

    Post up your article la. I’ll read it still. ;D

  2. ZK

    I will read your article too =>

  3. Ted K

    Thanks fellas! Ok I’ll think about putting up one of the recent unpublished articles up 🙂

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