Putting It Straight

After one month into Winter semester, I realize I haven’t done my customary post on classes. It’s got to do my increased procrastination these days. When something worth mentioning happens, I tell myself I’ll write about it, but end up putting it off.

So even though it’s pretty late, after all it’s still in effect, here it is:

  1. ECON 402: Intermediate Macro Theory. Macroeconomics on a whole new level.
  2. ECON 403: Contract Theory. Heavily Math-based, and dealing with advanced economic theory on risk, utility and all that jazz.
  3. ENGLISH 385: South African Literature: Apartheid & After. I get to read and study literature on a very relevant topic. Plus I get to learn about a new culture.
  4. RCHUMS 425: Creative Writing Tutorial. Yup, the complementary writing class that has been ever present in every semester. Only the course level gets higher.

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