Lazy Boar Strolls In

Alvin, Me, Wilson

This year’s arrival of the Pig (in other words, Chinese New Year) was as lumber-some as a big, fat hog. Nothing spectacular happened, other than having a good meal of Chinese food with some pals. At first it was just myself, Alvin, Wilson and Jeff. There aren’t that many good places to eat proper Chinese food in Ann Arbor, so it was only a half surprise to see Aaron, John, Kaiming and Wilson Tan at Kai Garden.

We combined our appetites and got a bigger table, ordering our customary dishes that we’ve come to love, after more or less memorizing the menu. I always let Wilson do the ordering anyway. The plan later that night was to go play Mahjong at the Bradford Party, but I was too lazy and tired to walk in the cold. The weekend got heavy on books, what with 2 midterms that were coming up (2nd one is tomorrow). And of course, no Ang Bao money!


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