The Circle Is Complete

Instead of drinking, I was dragged to a individual fencing tournament on St. Patrick’s Day. Was quite reluctant about it, partly because I didn’t want to pay US$20 to participate and win perhaps nothing. The upcoming midterm in five days was also drilling a hole at the back of my head.

But it turned out to be a blooming surprise. I fenced relatively well, except that I lost to good friend Sarah in the final; even though I was leading 8-4, I eventually lost 13-15. A moment of weakness in concentration can cost you the world in fencing. I got hard on myself for giving the gold away, but then I should be grateful that I won something at all.

And after receiving our ‘medals,’ I didn’t feel so bad anymore:

Silver Fencing Medal - UFO - St Patrick's Day

It’s a cheap plastic mug trinket turned into a medal! Bleah. Anyone want to have a toast with it?



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2 responses to “The Circle Is Complete

  1. Congrats! For getting a cheap plastic mug thing-o for US$20. They could’ve at least scribbled your name on it. :p
    My St Pats Day revolved around this massive party held at my backyard – the main road was closed off and the neighbouring gardens were overcrowded with drunkards. I, however, was at home reading up on various cardiovascular diseases, my inner monologue trying to overcome the concert’s volume.
    That’s a practically un-toastable event, I must say.

  2. Ted K

    You’re right..I got a $1 trinket in return after paying $20! At least it was quite fun..too bad I don’t have videos of it. Gah, I have to admit your Patrick’s day sounds like a date in hell. You seriously need a mate *wink*


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