Tearing Down the Frieze Building

I stopped on the way to lecture to pay ‘respects’ as the semi-exposed, over-100-year-old Frieze Building planted another foot into its grave. If memory serves, I had only one discussion class in Frieze building, right in my first semester in Michigan. It’s an old building fading in life, but once the last wall crumbles, only the memories will live on. Photos and a name can’t ever recreate the actual experience of trudging down the long corridors. So. . . *salute!*

It was back to doing the rounds in classes today, after a weekend of fun. First it was savoring Arthur Miller’s The Crucible with Andrew, then seeing Mark flash a stylish suit, singing in Amazin Blue‘s 20th anniversary concert; next came TMNT with a bunch of Singaporeans; rounding it off was Assasins with Jian Wei on Sunday. I’m tempted to label it an Arts weekend, but that’s not accurate because every week here screams art in your face.

It’s a pity classes are ending in 3 weeks. . . school is just too fabulous to call it quits.



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2 responses to “Salute

  1. jules

    OMG there goes the frieze building! i’m so sad! It was a horrible building but it still had a place in my umich memories

  2. Ted K

    I know..and to think future Michigan generations won’t have the opportunity to use the building. Well at least they’ll get the new North Quad. So envious!

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