The Big Ben

Free Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's

Why burn books on the last day of class when you can queue for a free scoop of ice-cream, normally sold at $1.75? All you have to do is put aside an hour of your time, in the middle of your study period. By the look of it, Ben & Jerry’s ‘free ice-cream’ day was a sweet success in terms of publicity. Probably not so good for revenue.

I’ve seen longer queues. But those lines were for infinitely better treasures, like say, tickets for the midnight screening of Star Wars Episode III. For a smudgy little ball of frozen milk? Not even if it were Häagen-Dazs. We are obsessed! Everyone of us, obsessed in our own little ways.

Now what should be considered a long queue? The B&J line was south of 50 yards, but to be fair it was rather slow moving. Two hours is probably the longest I’ve stood in line, and if memory serves it’s a toss up between waiting to go up the Empire State Building, and charging into Toy R’ Us for the midnight release of Star Wars Episode III toys.

Obsessions. They lead to the dark side.



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3 responses to “The Big Ben

  1. jules

    I guess Americans like to queue too. Who knew! Kiasu-ism. It’s an epidemic.

  2. fengyi

    haha it’s funny, yesterday i walked past B&J’s with one of my friends (she’s from Traverse City) and I remarked “that’s a really long queue!” and she replied “that’s such a British thing to say!” Apparently they prefer “lines” to “queues” here hahaa

  3. Ted K

    Haha queue is a queer word…I like it! Maybe ‘Q’s and Kiasuism are gonna take over America!

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