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Gwen Stacy Movie and Comic

Most of us will watch Spiderman 3 at least once, for all manner of reasons. What some Spidey fans want to see is the lizard-licking, black-cool bad ass called Venom. I’m way simpler; having been a comic reader for ten years, I just want to see a sweet young blond.

In Spiderman lore, Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first true love. That doesn’t mean she was Peter’s first girlfriend; that accolade goes to Betty Brant (who is also in the 3 movies). Betty was emotionally insecure, while Mary Jane was an unstoppable partier then, so it was the demure and delicate Gwen whom Peter formed a tender love with.

When Peter failed to save his beloved in a now-famous battle with the Green Goblin (the original; Norman Osborne), his immense love for her compounded the burden of his failed responsibility, forever scarring his life. Even though he’s now married to MJ, propose an alternate world with a living Gwen and he will beg you to give it to him.

My bias toward Gwen over Mary Jane is just pure prejudice. I prefer Gwen’s sweet over MJ’s spicy. I like Gwen’s sophistication over MJ’s style. I want Gwen’s tender over MJ’s passion. Okay, so maybe I want both tenderness and passion.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen cleanly swept me off my feet. She’s a natural red-head in life (see the irony, tiger?) but her transformation into a buxom lady with bouncy blonde hair was so good it was like a miracle seeing her alive on the big screen. With the hair job and that wonderfully wide smile, she’s the perfect Gwen.

If a poor friend hasn’t caught Spiderman 3 and I get dragged along with his uncontrollable urge, I’d try to take in everything I missed the first time round. This sounds creepy, but I’d also savor our moment of Gwen’s screen time. Who knows if she’ll be back in Spiderman 4, if there’s even going to be one.



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2 responses to “Miss Gwendolyn Stacy

  1. juliana

    Wow! I always had the impression that Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first gf. I had no idea there was a Betty Brant! Actually I like MJ better. I don’t like Kirsten Dunst in her role, but I like the character itself. I haven’t seen spiderman 3, but if Gwen Stacy didn’t get tossed off the bridge at the end of it, maybe she’ll be back in Spiderman 4. and i bet they DO have an alternate arc in which Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker are married.

  2. Ted K

    Haha MJ is a supermodel…too much of a fantasy to hope for. I’d settle for Gwen, if there was a real life one. Did you like Spiderman 3? If you read the recent “House of M,” Peter really is married to Gwen so ya there are ‘alternate realities’. 🙂

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