Keep Some; Change Some

View from Makena

One of the ‘unforgettables’ I like about home: the glittering surface of Singapore‘s east coast and its panoramic view from my balcony that — despite its imperfections — is still quite beautiful. I had to mesh a couple of pictures together to form the sight you see above. If you look closely you can find some digital boo-boos that came from merging the photos.

Coming back to Singapore for the second time didn’t have the same feel-good tingle beneath my skin, only the extra layer of air weighing down on it. The eight months absence felt more like two, as though I had never left the place. But there were changes; I just had to look more closely.

First place to be is home, of course. The old television and shelves (above) had made way for something newer. Mom had tried to describe it over the net but I think her words were just inadequate for my imagination. I didn’t exactly know what to expect. It was a new, clean design, but I personally dig the wide-screen plasma TV:

Now the family can watch movies in style! To add another kick-ass factor, you can even transfer pictures and movies from the computer (through thumb drive or SD card) to the system and savor it in all its blown-up glory. Don’t expect fantastic sound, but it serves its purpose. Star Wars movie marathon, anyone?



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3 responses to “Keep Some; Change Some

  1. Anthony

    I take it as an invitation for me to come over and watch the marathon plus a little stayover and chill out for the weekend??!!?? hahahaha (“,)

  2. You! You deleted my comment! I will not pour my opinions out in this space anymore.

    Well..after this comment that is. And don’t you delete it! :p

  3. Ted K

    haha anyone is welcome to join in the screening, if there is gonna be one..heh

    Diyana – I know, I’m sorry! Hey I made a public apology a few posts back u know…

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