In Limbo

At Vivocity

2 weeks back in Singapore and my muscles are turning into fat. I kinda miss fencing but I don’t have my sabre (and other stuff) with me. In between doing a written test and an interview with Singapore Press Holdings, outings have been kept to a minimal, so as to prevent burnout in the coming months.

I did get to check out the swanky-clean Vivocity — the new mega mall armed with all the same branded stores as every other shopping mall in Singapore. Met up with best bud Augustine and Yancy (his special one) to have dinner and see if he managed to outgrow me over the past 8 months. I think we both need to take some kind of growth serum. . .

Impressions by SDT

It’s always great to return when the Arts Festival is about to kick start. Sue Anne managed to rob her workplace for 2 free tickets to Impressions, performed by the Singapore Dance Theater. In a twisted blend of humor and embarrassing horror, I came to realize Impressions became my first encounter with professional dance performance. It was such a ‘new’ experience that I didn’t know what to make of lithe and lean bodies flying across the stage, as though lifted up by the very music that guided their steps.

Throw in a few movies into the pot and that’s the whole menu so far. Waiting for SPH to pick up the phone is agonizing, to say the least. In terms of outcome, it looks half black, half white — pretty much gray.

I foresee there’re going to be plenty of dark days ahead. . .


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