A Tribute For Life

Celebration Europe Poster

I belong to the second generation of Star Wars fans. In ’77, when the famous floating credits of Star Wars (now known as Ep IV) first rolled on 32 screens in the U.S, my parents weren’t even married yet. For those who don’t follow world news, the 30th anniversary of this life-changing culture has arrived. Those who gripe on how big a movie series could be have no idea. Star Wars is so big that no other force could have had a bigger influence in my life. And I’m sure millions of others will say the same.

At this very moment the biggest ever gathering of fans is taking place at Los Angeles, dubbed Celebration IV (the first 3 were held for each of the 3 prequel movies), and I’m stuck here. A year ago it was my plan to be there, to fulfill some kind of life-long dream, but I had to give it up to pursue my only chance of an internship. The way things are looking now, I might end up with neither.

There are just so many live-changing (or ass-shitting) moments from the movies. From Luke’s melancholic gaze at the twin suns setting into the horizon, to Yoda’s lifting of the X-Wing with the Force, to Darth Vader’s revelation to Luke, to Han Solo’s daring rescue at the first Death Star, to Darth Maul extending the second blade of his lightsaber, to Yoda’s confrontation with Count Dooku, to Darth Vader’s turn from the Dark Side, to the Star Destroyer‘s apparent invincibility as it filled the cinema screen.

Many misunderstand, claiming that those who like sci-fi are the ones into Star Wars. While the lightsabers, Millennium Falcon, and X-wings all helped to make Star Wars cool, it doesn’t go beyond that. It’s the story and values behind the saga that capture hearts. Hopes, the fall to the dark side, friendships, redemption, father-son relationships — all timeless lessons that, in my opinion, are best represented in Star Wars and in no other form of entertainment.

If success has to be measured in money, then Star Wars has way surpassed requirements. The entire franchise has made over US$20 billion, and has spawned toy after toy after toy, hundreds of books, dozens of video games, card games, board games, and who knows how many fanfilms. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d have way lot more Star Wars stuff. My prized possession as of now is this (at S$400):

That’s not my picture, by the way. I can’t bear to assemble my own set, and I’ve got no space to display it.

There’s going to be a Celebration Europe in July, and though it seems like a far-fetched dream to attend, you never know where the Force will take you. One of these days, I’m gonna do my own form of celebration at home, with a marathon screening of all the movies. If you haven’t watched Star Wars yet, it’s about time you start. Being 30 years late doesn’t matter, not when Star Wars will be around for way longer.



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2 responses to “A Tribute For Life

  1. hey Ted! didn’t know you were such a huge star wars fan until i read from your blog. anyways, good luck for the internship application!

  2. Ted K

    hey Ed, haha thanks! I didn’t know u read my blog..hope you’re having a great time in AA!

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