Life In The Fast Lane

My first professional massage — ten minutes and all paid for. Before that, a quick update. I’m now interning at Men’s Health, a magazine under SPH. It’s actually the Singapore edition of a highly-international magazine. And I hadn’t even read a copy until I got the job. MH is all of what a Man’s magazine should be, with all the gym tips, style managing, and insights into the woman psyche. What is doesn’t have is the tawdriness of naked women parading their assets. Think New Man, or Maxim (Singapore edition la!)

Being a voice of the media means you get invited to some swanky functions such as this one. A certain, and highly recognizable, brand of Singapore was releasing its latest health product at Aramsa Spas. They held the door for us, swarmed us with business cards, fed us, and we ended up with a lot of goodies — the free massage included.

It’s also strange when one of the first things people ask me after they hear me speak is “Where are you from?” In just one day I got that question twice, both in and out of the office. And that’s peanuts to how many times I’ve had to elaborate on studying in the States. I’ve grown tired of trying to say the same thing in ten different ways. Whether it’s the way I speak or the unique mannerisms, these are perhaps the tell-tale signs that prevent them from realizing I grew up in Singapore.

Apart from that, work is currently a blessed balance of learning and having fun. I get to write and meet new people (mostly girls). Why should I complain?



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3 responses to “Life In The Fast Lane

  1. you’re writing for men’s health?! nice job!

  2. Chin Dulan

    Are you one of those poseurs who speak in a fake American accent?

  3. Ted K

    Edwin – Thanks! How’s AA? I bet you’re looking forward to coming back heh.
    Chin – I don’t have a pure American accent. I think the way I speak has been morphed somehow, so it doesn’t sound purely Singaporean nor American. So people think I’m from somewhere else.

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