The Great Divide Part 4: Girls

And you thought I’d leave one of the most important factors till the very end? Then you don’t know me. And If you don’t know me that well, you probably don’t know that the opposite sex has played a big role in my life — even though I haven’t been the least bit ‘successful’ with them — and is a major influence on who I’ve become to this day. It’s for that reason I have to consider my love life in the series.

Let’s face it: beauty is everywhere, and it’s in each and everyone’s eye. The only difference is Man never see eye to eye on things. Your beautiful gal is my ugly duckling. My princess is your ugly Betty. But we can perhaps all agree on one thing — that wherever we go (Singapore or US), we’ll find beautiful people. It all comes down to one thing: long-term potential.

I don’t like starting something without a certain amount of certainty. If the long-run vision looks like a storm at sea, then I rather not set sail today. So it’s not easy to find one that even fits the part, much less willing to be involved.

But it has to come down to a choice, and I know Singaporean girls will come out tops. Potentially, and on average, a girl from a different culture stands to lose when placed beside a Singaporean. You can tell the difference when you glance upon an attractive lady and, in your mind, instinctively tell yourself if she’s a possible future wife. The answer is an overwhelmingly-more ‘yes’ when she’s a Singaporean.

Winner: Singapore

Score: USA 2 – Singapore 2

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Part 2: Career
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4 responses to “The Great Divide Part 4: Girls

  1. unclesu

    Dude, I’ll give the points to USA for this portion. Dude, c’mon! Hahaha!

  2. Ted K

    Haha America does have some crazily gorgeous women, I give you that! But the winner still remains unchanged 🙂

  3. Rahul

    Yeah I’m inclined to agree with unclesu, 3-1 for me, esp since I’m planning a career in the states and my current gf is there 🙂 Think I may see you pretty soon Mr K…at experiences and/or confluence for sure

  4. Ted K

    haha OK Rahul, I feel you.

    Heh and it’s Mr. C! K is my middle initial, or part of my first name, depending on how you see it

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