Brother Ted

That’s Ted, but it’s not me. It’s my brother — many, many years ago. He was always the cuter one growing up. But maybe a 6 year gap means I outgrew ‘cute’ even before he was born. Not surprisingly, this Ted no.2 has grown up to have similar interests, making a mark of his own, and even surpassing me in a lot of areas.

Ted no.2 went into the Gifted Education Program and has outscored me since PSLE; he also snubbed the Raffles’ white for the Anglos’ blue and gold (I didn’t even have the choice of either school). Other differences? I can barely do fried rice but he started baking when he was 8; I blow my sax; him bagpipes. I hit people with a sword; he punches them in muay-thai. For some reason, he likes the monk-ish hairstyle (or lack thereof) that I never got into.

Ted 2 cooking at the old home, donning my Home Economics apron and chef’s hat.

I’m glad we like the same movies (he loves Star Wars) and generally have the same taste in music. Both of us learned the piano. But one topic that is a no-no for discussion is girls, though secretly I wish he’d get together with his primary school sweetheart (she went on the RGS/RJ path and today they’re barely in contact). It’s because I never had that — a sweet & innocent platonic love from the pre-pubescent days — unlike my parents, and now, my brother. So I don’t want him to lose it.

Ted no.2 with the elusive Sword of Honor, and his Scout buddy

In less than 2 years, he’d have started dressing in the green-and-black canvas of military attire, and I hope he won’t get shortchanged for entrance into OCS. It’s one of my many failings I’m confident he won’t have to experience. Needless to say — but I’m gonna say it anyway — I’m damn proud of him. Meet my brother — Ted Kin.


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  1. Chin Dulan

    Your brother is v lucky to have an older sibling who’s not shy about saying how proud he is of his own younger brother.

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