For The Special One

Mom can’t smile much for photos!

Happy Birthday to the one who gave me soul — my inspiration, my emotional anchor, and without a doubt, still the most important woman in my life.



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2 responses to “For The Special One

  1. Aww, how sweet. *pukes* :p

    HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?! I have not seen you online for ages!! But then again, that is partially my fault since I’m not really physically able to MSN on returning home from the hospital.

    ARE YOU STILL FLYING THAT BUTT OF YOURS OVER? Adelaide is chilly at the moment; not that it bothers you snow-seeing residents.

  2. Ted K

    Let me try and scoop all the puke and put it back into you. . .

    Things are alright…work is super fun and I’m loving it! Other personal stuff, ask me over MSN Yes, I want to go over! That’s why I’ve been looking for you on MSN, to ask for more details. See that’s two reasons why you should go online more often. . . 🙂

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