Lunacy Or No Lunacy

Out of nowhere, my dad asked me to try out for the “Deal Or No Deal” auditions. No, not as a contestant. As one of the 26 models holding the suitcases! Apparently they’re getting tired with the leggy models — instead of glamor girls, they’re gonna have alpha-male hunks wasting their arm muscles holding an empty suitcase.

One word: Lunacy.
And five more: Craziness. Bonkers. Nuttiness. Madness. Fruitcake (I don’t like fruitcakes).

Sometimes I really wonder how many brain cells are still working in Dad’s head. Firstly, there’s no way I’d be selected. Secondly, there’s no way I’d pose on those steps while Adrian Pang is still there throwing lame joke after another, at both the contestant and to the models. Now if you get to see the kind of models (both guy and gal) who step into our photo studio, those are the ones who should bother filling up the application form.


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