The Great Divide Part 5: Safety

Isn’t life the most important thing in life? I thought so. You can’t seriously discount safety as a factor when you’re thinking of your future abode. Living in the Bronx is not the same as in New Jersey, Detroit isn’t the same as Irvine — you get the picture.

Ann Arbor is probably as safe as it gets in the U.S. The AAPD and campus patrols roam the streets all night, and not just to hide in shadows and catch traffic offenders. They do mobilize when the complaints come in on out-of-control house and fraternity parties. That said, I have seen a gun being carried by someone not of the blue uniform, who is also of the same age as I am. Police sirens are a more frequent occurrence than in Singapore so maybe that’s a general indicator of relative safety levels.

You just gotta tip your hat off to Singapore, for instilling so much fear into its people that only the most deranged and enraged individuals commit crimes. I hear sirens only once a month. When I wreck my brains to think of a particularly dangerous region or street on this island, I come up with white smoke. This isn’t ignorance, mind you. I’m aware there are things going on all the time, but even so, the thought of conflict doesn’t even appear in my head. It’s so safe that it’s almost dangerous.

N.B: Coincidentally, of the top 5 most dangerous cities of 2006, I’ve been to 4 of them — St. Louis, Detroit, Flint, and Memphis — and 2 of them are in Michigan.

Winner: Singapore

Score: USA 2 — Singapore 3

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