Decade Of Change

Top, from left: Min Hua, Guo Hui, Fabian, Augustine, Ewan, Jamie
Sitting: Parry, me, Benny, Jeliane, Irmin

I never thought I’d see these guys again. Aside from one (best bud Augustine), the last time I laid eyes on them was 10 years ago, when we sported goofy specs and purple-fringed school bags! That’s right, it’s the primary school reunion I never thought would happen. And it wouldn’t have, had I not tried to get everybody together.

I’m no physiognomy specialist, but I believe each of us is meant to have a certain look, and that look was probably carved onto our faces either by age 12, or years earlier. I say that because just about every one (with the exception of Benny and Augustine) look as though we just finished our last PSLE paper. No forgotten faces, no forgotten names — no introductions needed.

Rolling memory tapes that are more than 10 years old is quite a harrowing experience. Undoubtedly, a few old incidents make us shake our heads now in embarrassment — like how our books were thrown out the door, or how this guy came back from the toilet with his pants down — but it does whack you straight in the face that life can take us on many different paths. Already a few girls are already getting married, while guys revel in their new tattoos. Depending on the individual, it may or may not be a far cry from the gang fights we used to have with other classes.

Jeliane the primary school sweetheart.

There’s just too much to find out from 10 years of lost time — and I may never get to — but these are probably the people who know my weirdest character quirks, because we were friends from a time when there was no distinction between your personal and professional behavior. These days it’s just too much about putting on your brightest smile and your shiniest clothes to achieve an agenda.

Meeting my long-lost classmates was almost surreal. I just hope it doesn’t take another 10 years for it to happen again.


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