Open A Blind Eye

Zouk Mambo
Rong Qiang, me, Zheng Kang

Better late than never — is the adage applicable to 22-year-olds clubbing for the first time? I finally got to test it out with Rong Qiang and Zheng Kang, on Ladies’ Night no less. Actually RQ was more of the chaperon in charge of the flock since he’d been to Zouk countless times before.

At this age it’s certainly harder to leave an impression, and the illuminating effects of black lights and the booming bass weren’t so fascinating to me as they might have been. To further illustrate my point, I imagined Zouk to be 4 times bigger, and was appalled at the lack of sitting space. RQ read my mind perfectly when he told me everyone may look good in the shadows and gloomy highlights, but once you hit the blinding reality beyond the front doors, you’d be in for a rude shock.

On the dance floor you can easily spot gay behavior and horny guys clambering over each other to get the phone number of some hot dancer. I wonder how many calls is that girl gonna get the next day? Oh, and if you’re interested, the dance floor is the best place to get a free rub or two. Ha ha.

My thumbs-up actually goes to the so-called ‘mambo’ music. Personally, the music is more a collection of 80s and 90s disco hits, many of which I’ve actually loved since my lower secondary school days. Paying $23 to sing to the tunes of Starship, Toto, Climie Fisher et al may be a little steep, but oh how I would love to dance to some of those songs with someone close to my heart.


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