B Flat Major

Lately my passion for playing music has blossomed after an overextended period of stunted growth. I’m picking up my saxophone on a regular basis and sitting down to work those fingers on whatever piano I come across. Who knows, I may even attend a few sax master classes just to see how much musical talent is left in me. And just today I downloaded piano sheet music for about ten classics, when in all practicality I only have time for two. Welcome to the revolution!

Emotions really take the beauty of music to a whole new level. It’s when my heart is squeezed by a vice or stretched from the sides that I’m able to play my best music. And there’s probably no  greater satisfaction than to be appreciated. I was playing at East Quad basement a week back and there was a girl (en route to the washers and dryers) humming to my melody, right after exclaiming “I know that song!”

I never even saw her face, but thank you.


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