Leave It All Behind

Last week provided an opportunity to listen to photojournalist extraordinaire Peter Turnley, who himself graduated from Michigan and the Residential College in ’78. Here was a man who observed first-hand both Iraq wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9/11, conflicts in Bosnia and Palestine, and every other major geopolitical event over the past 15 years. His photos have adorned the cover of Newsweek over 40 times.

His photos are so captivating, it almost sings to your soul, telling a story the length of a novel. After that you just want to cry. For me, they stir up all those ineffable reasons as to why I wanna be a journalist — to open up the eyes of the world and tell a story that can change lives. After that afternoon, and after today, I really wonder why I can’t just leave every morsel of mundanity behind; just throw myself into the front line of danger, living on the edge perpetually, attempt and fail to achieve great things, and stop worrying about being unwanted.

Sometimes I just want to give my life up — to someone who knows how to live it better.


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