Rollercoaster Recap

Birthdays — they represent little bursts of happiness for this tumultuous semester. Top photo belongs to Jeff, flanked by we senior guards of Michigan Singaporeans. The second one showcases an inkling of new blood (freshmen) celebrating Rongsiu’s (in blue) birthday. Yuck, I’m actually the oldest among that bunch.

In other frightfully-late news, the past 2 weekends were spent fencing for Michigan, first at Ohio State University and later at Northwestern University. I racked up win-loss ratios of 8-7 and 10-7 respectively. While that may seem okay, it really could’ve been better, and truthfully that’s not the record of a good fencer, so I’ll continue fighting till I have less than 5 defeats. Nevertheless, I was down 5-7 at 3 p.m Sunday and thought it was gonna get way worse, but somehow I crunched out 5 straight wins, even silencing MSU (Michigan State University) supporters in the process.

* * *

I had such hopes to reach for the stars this semester, played out in my mind as an ideal swan song for my time here in Michigan. But the reality is I’m taking a big beating, producing C-or-worse midterm results. The time has also arrived for me to step back and salute my 2 years at the Michigan Daily, perhaps described as a marriage initially thought to be made in heaven but having gone sour over irreconcilable differences. It never was about the establishment; always about the people around you.

Even with all that doom and gloom I just rattled on, there’s a strange sense of calm within. Some may point fingers at me, accusing me of (foolishly) opening my heart again, leaving it vulnerable, and as a result turning my world on its head. True, I’ve placed everything at risk — GPA, Grad school — but in all fairness I take pride in being to say I’m living a life instead of being a cold automaton carrying out what obedient Singaporeans were programmed to do.

Bearing in mind that each day past is another note gone in this concerto finale, and with Him guiding me, I know it’ll all work out in the end.

“It must be you that’s turning my world around
And I’m finally learning to love again,
It’s true and it must be you.”


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